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Portable Anesthesia machine


Ventilation method: Closed, half-closed, half-open Small and compact unit ideal for office based anesthesia Two-gas machine( N2O&O2 ) Mechanical Anti-Hypoxic Device and O2/N2O interlock External CO2 circle absorber system Vetilator (option): TH-1, TH-1 A Main Unit Tidal volume( Manual Mode): 20 ~ 1500ml Gas pressure: 0.25 ~ 0.65Mpa Flowmeter: O2 :0.1 ~ 10L/min N2O:0.1 ~ 10L/min APL valve: 0.5 ~ 6.0Kpa O2 Flush: 25 ~ 75L/min Ventilator TH-1 Special Feature Driven mode: Pneumatically driven electronically controlled Display: High light LED display Ventilation mode: IPPV and Manual mode Tidal volume: 50 ~ 1500ml Breath frequency: 1~ 90Bpm I:E ratio: 4:1 ~ 1:6 Monitor parameter: Tidal volume, breath frequency, MV, airway pressure Alarm: MV high alarm,MV low alarm, TV high alarm, TV low alarm Ventilator TH-1(A) Special Feature Respiration mode: IPPV, SIMV, MAUAL Display: 5.5’ SNT screen Waveform: P-t, V-t Tidal volume: 50 ~ 1600ml Breath frequency: 1~ 65Bpm I:E ratio: 8:1 ~ 1:8 Alarm parameters: High pressure alarm, Low pressure alarm High pressure alarm limit: 20 ~ 60cmH2O Low pressure alarm limit: 0 ~ 20cmH2O Monitor parameter: Tidal volume, MV, Ppeak, PEEP, respiratory frequency, I:E ratio Safety valve pressure limit: 6Kpa Good air tightness, high reliability, and minor respiration impedance


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