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EB05 High Frequency Surgical Unit

electrosurgical generator combines versatility and safety, for all general electrosurgical procedures such as cutting and coagulation in clinics, offices and emergency rooms.


Specifications of EB05 Electrosurgical Generator

Model EB05
Dimension 525*410*160 mm (W*D*H)
Weight 16 kg
Protection class I
Unit type CF
Input power supply 220V ± 10%/50Hz
Working frequency 512 KHZ
Standard compliance EN 60601-1-2, 60601-2-2
Working mode  
Cut mode  
Pure 400 watts at 500 ohms
Blend1 300 watts at 500 ohms
Blend2 200 watts at 500 ohms
Blend3 150 watts at 500 ohms
Bipolar 70 watts at 500 ohms
Coagulation mode  
Soft 120 watts at 500 ohms
Point 120 watts at 500 ohms
Spray 120 watts at 500 ohms
Bipolar standard 70 watts at 500 ohms
Bipolar precise 70 watts at 500 ohms



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