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Quantitative Immunoassay Analyser




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Who we are..?

Muvigo Africa Solutions  proud owner of MASmed brand Africa’s Largest medical Equipments manufactural and distributor, a Level One BBBEE Contributor 



Proudly owner of masmed brand
Inflammation markers A012D01 PCT Cassette S/P ready
A022D02 CRP Cassette W/S/P ready
A052D02 PCT-CRP Cassette S/P ongoing
Thrombosis B012D01 D-Dimer Cassette W/S/P ready
Vascular Inflammation C012D01 MPO Cassette S/P ongoing
C022D01 LP-PLA2 Cassette S/P ongoing
Cadiovascular D012D01 CTnI Cassette W/S/P ready
D022D01 H-FABP Cassette S/P ongoing
D032D01 CK-MB Cassette S/P ready
D042D01 Myo Cassette S/P ready
D021D03 CTnI/CKMB/Myo Combo Cassette S/P ongoing
D062D01 S100-β Cassette S/P ongoing
E012D01 NT-proBNP Cassette W/S/P ready
Renal Function F012D01 CysC Cassette U/S/P ready
F033D01 MAU Cassette U ready
F042D01 β2-MG Cassette U/S/P ready
F022D01 NGAL Cassette U ongoing
Fertility G073D01 β-HCG Cassette U ready
G026D01 IGFBP-1 Cassette fluid ongoing
G032D01 PAPP-A Cassette fluid ongoing
G043D01 LH Cassette U ready
G053D01 FSH Cassette U ongoing
G062D01 PR Cassette S/P ongoing
Diabetes care H022D01 C-Peptide Cassette S/P ongoing
H032D01 INS Cassette S/P ongoing
H019D01 HbA1c Cassette W ready
Healthy Examination J032D02 PGI/PGII Cassette S/P ongoing
J042D01 AFP Cassette S/P ongoing
J052D01 PSA Cassette W/S/P ready
J062D01 Fer Cassette W/S/P ready
J072D01 BGP Cassette S/P ongoing
J082D01 IgE Cassette W/S/P ready
J092D01 Lp(a) Cassette S/P ongoing
Hormone J112D01 T3 Cassette S/P will be ready in the end of next month
J122D01 T4 Cassette S/P will be ready in the end of next month
J132D01 TSH

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