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Electronic Intensive Care and Service Bed

ELEGANT 5010, is pure technology sculptured with Mespa touch. Built on a 4 motor mechanism to apply all positions essential to intensive care unit perfectly, this new generation ICU bed is developed as a combination of functions, for the most effective convalescence. With features tailored to support ICU staff and patient with the most adequate ICU bed, ELEGANT 5010, is a prestigious display of Mespa excellence.

ELEGANT 5010’s control panel is a combination of advanced technologies, Backlight in the first place. As a major innovation offered by ELEGANT 5010, the control panel provides one touch control for easy positioning of the bed to electronic CPR, trendelenburg, anti-shock, examination, and bed evacuation positions. All positions can be terminated during practise by STOP button for security purposes. The control panel with Backlight technology switches lights off after one minute, also allows locking certain functions for maximum patient safety. To provide easy use, ELEGANT 5010 is equipped with 4 control panels, 2 for nursing staff and 2 for patients use.

  • 4 motor
  • Nurse control panel


  • ABS mattress platform


  • Patient control panel


  • ABS side rails


  • Central lockable castors
  • Detachable head and foot boards


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