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C-Arm mobile DR X-ray system

Powerful solution for excellent mobile imaging
CX-9 PLUS is the perfect choice for demanding procedures in neurosurgery, vascular procedures and cardiac applications.
The powerful 12.5kW generator and rotating anode enable to produce high-quality images with minimal dose exposure.

The CX-9 PLUS is the ECORAY’s product family. This surgical mobile C-arm was designed for orthopedic use to provide a variety of movement at limited space which can lead to the most convenient features in the surgery room.

r Type High Frequency Inverter
OP Console LCD Screen
Mode Radiographic & Fluoroscopy
Power Rating 12.5kW
Kv Range Rad. 40-125kVp (1kV increment)
Fluoro.40-120kVp (1kV increment)
mAs Range Rad. : 0.32 to 300mAs
mA Range Rad. Mode : 32, 50, 80, 100, 150mA
Fluoro. Mode : Normal mode : 035-5.0mA
Pulsed mode:1,2,4,8 pulse per second,
Multi pulse & Snap FL:035-5.0mA
Boost mode:6~20mA.
Exposure time Rad. Mode:10ms to 5sec
Fluoro. Mode:0 to 5.0minutes
ABC Automatic Brightness Control
Tube Type Rotating Anode
Focal Size Small:0.3mm, Large:0.6mm
Anode target 10° Target Angle
Heat Capacity 200,000HU
Image Intensifier(9 inch) Type Triple Field:9˝, 6˝, 4.5˝
Limiting resolution 52LP/cm
Grid 103 lines/Inch, Ratio:8:1, FD:1000mm
C-arm Movement & Dimension Free space in arc 782mm
SID 1,000mm
Depth of arc 680mm
Orbital rotation 135°(45~90°)
Horizontal travel 200mm
Vertical travel 500mm
Panning motion ±12.5°
Pivot rotation ±180°
CCD Digital Camera Sensor Interline transfer CCD
CCD format 1/2Inch, 5.5µm x 5.5µm Pixel size
Pixel Number 1024(H) x 1024(V)
AD Converter 14 Bit
Recursive filter Factors 2, 4, 8, 16 “Auto Motion Detection”
LIH Stores the last image
Frame rate 30 FPS
DIS(Digital Imaging System) Data acquisition Image Size:1024 x1024
Pixel depth :14bit
Automatic image capture
Dual monitor display & operation
Image Processing Window Level(contrast adjustment)
Real time & Post-Processing
Pan & Zoom Control
Image flip ( Horizontal & Vertical)
Image rotation (360°)
Edge Enhancement (sharpness)
Multiple display: up to 4x4 matrix format
Image Management Create a patient file & database
DICOM send
Networking to PACS
Image Storage Convertible to a general format: BMP


Superb maneuverability, intuitive interface, and advanced fluoroscopic features optimize the most efficient workflow in the operating room.

Our mobile C-arms, with 9” image intensifier, provide quality images at low X-ray dose. The machine is easy to steer, position and operate. Also, it has superb heat management capabilities. Rotating anode power and pulsed exposure showcase are innovative as well.

  • - Optimized clinical workflow and connectivity
  • - High Quality imaging
  • - Powerful performance of 12.5 kW
  • - User-friendly operation
  • - Clinical versatility
  • - Dose Saving

Advanced image management by ECOVIEW™

  • - Compact design with integrated triple field I.I
  • - High resolution CCD camera (1K X 1K)
  • - Various clinical applications by workstation software
  • - Powerful 12.5KW HFG (300KHZ) with high performance
  • - Rotating anode tube for longer fluoro time with durability
  • - Connectivity to PACS


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