Patient monitors



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Multi-Parameter patient Monitor MAS-p20s




1. High resolution 12.1" color TFT display

2. Lightweight,compact and portable


4. Optional:2-IBP,ETCO2,and thermal printer

5. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery    

6. ECG waveforms of 7-leads display on the same screen

7. 72-hours graphic and tabular trends of all parameters

8. 72 alarm events of all parameters recall  

9. 32 seconds full-disclosure waveform review

10. 500 NIBP measurement data can be stored and recall

11. Data and waveform color be adjustable

12. Arrhythmia analysis and S-T segment analysis

13. Suitable for adult,pediatric and neonatal patient

High-resolution color TFT LCD display 
Fanless design 
Unique outer interface design 
1. High-resolution color TFT LCD display in three sizes (12.1 inches, 10.4 inches, 8.4inches),touch-screen optional
2. Standard monitoring for five parameters, while supporting advanced parameter module (C02, NELL, AG) access, and fully satisfy the clinical use.
3. Semi-plug-in module design, flexible access for extended parameter and function module
4. Two optional battery bases (45W/60W), facilitating the machine extensions
5. Finless design, low machine noise, and improved using comfort
6. Four wireless communication methods (GPRS, WIFI, 3G, Bluetooth), meeting different customers’ needs
7. Unique outer interface design, enhancing the aesthetic senses of the whole appearance
8. Built-in lithium battery, both AC and DC, providing power for a long time for the guardianship after power-cut.


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