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Smart Affordable 4D Color Doppler M-C90

Smart 4D color doppler


·19 inch LCD display

·4 probe connectors

·Multi-angle adjustable joint arm design

·Built-in 128G solid state drive, External USB storage

·Humanized ergonomic design to improve the operating comfort

·Probe automatic freeze protection to extend the life of the probe

·Rich clinical measurement software, apply to various department

·Display mode: B mode, C mode, PW mode, CW mode, real time 4D mode, B/C, B/C/PW, B/PW.

Probe Optional: Phased array probe, Convex probe, micro-convex probe, 4D volume probe ,

trans-vaginal probe, linear probe, trans-rectal probe.

A key optimization

·Pulse Doppler

·Energy Doppler

·Tissue harmonic imaging

·Capture peak blood flow

·Three real-time synchronization

·Quick user-defined settings: To meet the individual needs of different doctors and improve work efficiency

·All-in-One Clipboard: The saved image is displayed at the bottom of the screen, which can be directly see or deleted

Rich clinical application:
Application to: Abdomen, regular women and obstetric measurement, urinary system, superficial tissue, cardiac function, peripheral blood vessels and so on.


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