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BedPan washer disinfectant JSM


The JSM washer disinfectant was designed to guarantee the

complete disinfection of the hospital recipients used by the

patients, as the example: bedpans, chamber pots, basins, thus

allowing the operators contact time to be reduced.

Technical Features:

- Washing chamber totally made in stainless steel AISI 316L while

external structure is made in stainless steel AISI 304L.

- Door, hermetically sealed. Horizontal hinged door, frontal loading

through a pedal or door opening button.

- Three automatic programs, Flash program, Normal and Intensive,

controlled by a microprocessor. User friendly and automatic display.

- Special accessories to support the different hospital recipients.

- Water storage tank with a powerful electric pump to inject water into

the washing chamber.

- Several internal rotating sprinkler nozzles to ensure a perfect washing

of the external and internal part of the containers.

- Disinfection reached water steam and chemical action. For such

effect, the equipment has a built-in steam generator and a dispenser

for detergent / liquid disinfectant.


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