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Vertical Sterilizer Autoclave


Model: LX-C35L, LX-C50L, LX-C75L, LX-C100L, LX-C120L, LX-C150L
Available Volume: 35 liters, 50 liters, 75 liters, 100 liters, 120 liters, 150 liters.

Operation Principle and Instructions of The Vertical Autoclave High Pressure and Steam:

1. Frame is plastic-sprayed surface. Chamber is SUS304 stainless steel
2. Overpressure auto-discharging at 0.145-0.165Mpa
3. The working temperature: 126°C-134°C
4. Dual scale numerical pressure gauge indicate temperature and pressure
5. Operating easy, security and reliable
6. Heating Type: Direct heating by immersed copper tubes of heating elements.
7. Timer range: 0-80min
8. Sterilization time and temperature can be controlled by knobs
9. Silicone rubble for seal
10. Lights indicate working status.

Vertical Autoclave Features and Functions:

Alarm function: Over heat alarm and stop all the operation at the same time, when water in the chamber is not enough.
Safety Device: Pressure control switch, Door safety holder, Over heat protection.
Safety Valve, Electronic circuit safety system, Emergency Power switch.

Vertical High Pressure Steam Sterilizer Autoclave LX-C

Sterilization in Hospital, Dental Clinic, Laboratory and Food Industry for Sterization Instruments, Dressings or Liquid, Etc.

Specifications of Vertical Autoclave Pressure Steam Sterilization Equipments:


Model LX-C35L LX-C50L LX-C75L LX-C100L LX-C120L LX-C150L
Volume 35 Liters 50 Liters 75 Liters 100 Liters 120 Liters 150 Liters
Sterilizing Chamber Volume Ø280*H500 mm Ø320*H610 mm Ø388*H530 mm Ø388*H670 mm Ø460*H670 mm Ø460*H760 mm
Working Pressure 0.22 Mpa 0.22 Mpa 0.22 Mpa 0.22 Mpa 0.22 Mpa 0.22 Mpa
Max Working Pressure 0.23 Mpa 0.23 Mpa 0.23 Mpa 0.23 Mpa 0.23 Mpa 0.23 Mpa
Working Temperature 134°C 134°C 134°C 134°C 134°C 134°C
Adjustment of Temperature 105°C-134°C 105°C-134°C 105°C-134°C 105°C-134°C 105°C-134°C 105°C-134°C
Timer 0-80 Minutes 0-80 Minutes 0-80 Minutes 0-80 Minutes 0-80 Minutes 0-80 Minutes
Heat Average ± 1°C ± 1°C ± 1°C ± 1°C ± 1°C ± 1°C
Power 2.5 KW 3.5 KW 3.5 KW 4 KW 4 KW 4.5 KW
AC220V 50Hz AC220V 50Hz AC220V 50Hz AC220V 50Hz AC220V 50Hz AC220V 50Hz
Sterilizing Baskets 1 PCS 1 PCS 2 PCS 2 PCS 2 PCS 2 PCS
Product Dimension 480*480*940mm 500*510*1010mm 580*600*1030 mm 600*580*1160mm 660*660*1180mm 660*660*1260mm
Package Dimension 530*510*940mm 570*550*1040mm 620*600*1100mm 620*600*1180mm 680*680*1200mm 680*680*1280mm
Gross Weight/Net W


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