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Electro-hydraulic Operating Table


EST-1 surgical operating table is a universal electric operating table that allows all kinds of surgical positions. Based on the highly reliable and stable electro-hydraulic system, it can be easily set up and precisely positioned with ultra low noise. With integrated one key reset function, handheld panel, standby control panel in the column and foldable head plate for greater rest, the surgical operating table will bring great operation convenience and surgical experience for both surgeons and patients.

The surgical operating table is suitable for use in comprehensive surgical applications, like orthopedic, gynecological, urological, anorectal, thoracic, kidney and neurosurgery, and more.

1. EST-1 surgical operating table features X-ray radiolucent surface and allows convenient use of C-arm.
2. It uses conformable pads that are easy to replace and clean.
3. The surgical operating table is highly maneuverable with a central brake.
4. It adopts the integrated rechargeable battery that allows 50 nonstop batches of surgical operations after one full charge.
5. Longitudinal shift of up to 296 mm is available.

Specifications of EST-1 Surgical Operating Table

Model EST-1
Table length 2100 mm
Table width 500 mm
Table height (raised) 1030 mm
Table height (lowered) 700 mm
Trendelenburg 25°
Anti-trendelenburg 25°
Lateral tilt (right) 15°
Lateral tilt (left) 15°
Back plate (up) 65°
Back plate (down) 40°
Head plate (up) 30°
Head plate (down) 90°
Leg plate (down) 90°
Leg plate (split) 130°
Optional armboard (up) 15°
Optional armboard (down) 15°
Flex position 220°
Reflex position 115°
Kidney bridge height 110 mm
Longitudinal shift 296 mm
Load capacity 200 kg
Input power supply AC 220 ± 10%,50HZ ± 2%


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