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Fluid Infusion Blood Warmer



Temperature controlling technology:

Adopt intellectual microcomputer controlling technology, quickly warm up device with high capacity, control the temperature accurately in the predeterature, and own intellectual detection, safe and reliable.



Large TFT LCD display:

Real-time liquid temperature, set temperature,r oom temperature, dropping speed (10-300 drips/min),warming time, alarm indication, electricity on or off indication, liquid exist or not indication.



Warming mode:

Mode 1: Below 200 ml/min

Mode 2: 200-500ml/min

Mode 3: 500-1500ml/min

Mode 4: 1500-3000ml/min

Mode 5: 3000-5000ml/min

Mode 6: Above 10000ml/min



Security Features:

Low temperature alarm: After working five minutes with the set temperature,if the warming plate’s temperature is lower than the set temperature, the alarm lights flashes with the regular alarm sound, showing the alarm information ( CAN’T BE HEATED ).



High temperature alarm: When the liquid temperature is higher than the limit temperature, the alarm is triggered, at this time, high temperature warning lights are on with alarm sound.Showing the information ( OVERHEAT-LIQUID ).The apparatus will automatically stop warming.



Infrared detection: Sound alarm of finishing infusion.

RS-232 port for computer control centre.




Power supply: AC 220V±10% 50Hz±1Hz

110V±10% 60Hz±1Hz

Power: ≤ 300W



Temperature range: 28℃-42℃ (Increasing by 0.1℃) ± 0.5℃

82℉-87℉ (Increasing by 0.2℉)±1℉



Outer dimension: 190mm x 260mm x 150mm



Weight: 2.5kg


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