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Fluid Infusion Blood Warmer/Thermostat




◆ 32-bit high speed microprocessor


◆ Reliable and accurate temperature sense


◆ Controllable temperature is from -10℃ to 60℃


◆ Touch-screen and color LCD display, control panel is easy to be operated


◆ Silicon glass door


◆ RS - 485 and high- Performance USB port


32-bit PID microprocessor control

Materialize the high precision temperature control with ±0.1 accuracy during the whole operation and synchronously display time and alarm indicator (automatic on/off function is for option).



Reliable and accurate temperature sense

Increase the temperature sense precision from -80 ℃ to 300 ℃ by 32-bit sigma-delta ADCs (option: avails the 2-Loop control for the better precision by using 2-Port RTD sensor).



User- friendly control panel

Touch-screen and color LCD display, easy to operate and read.



Silent heat extraction motor

Make device’s inside temperature uniformity, built-in swing heating function can improve heating efficiency.



Build-in warming treatment glass door

Provide good air tightness, and observe the samples without opening the door.




Dimension: 350×300×300mm ( inside )


545×500×455mm ( outside )


Capacity: 30L


Power Running: 500W/Max


Temperature Range: 5 - 60 centidegree


Temperature Accuracy: During the entire using process,accuracy is controlled within ±0.2 centidegree


Temperature protection: Triple temperature protection


Control mode: Auto/ manual operation


Display: 640×480 TFT display



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