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Operation microscope



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Compact structure and complete functions.

Detailed profile


•Compact structure and complete functions.

•4×~24×zoom magnifications,horizontal movement of foot control and

fine focusing.

•Germany optical lens ensure the sharp image and even field of view.

•Applied in operations and fine examinations of ophthalmology,ENT , surgery,etc.


Eyepiece Magnification 12.5×/16B

Adjustable Diopter ±6D

Adjustable Range for Pupil Distance 50mm~75mm

Visual Angle of Ocular

30°~90°(Eyepiece moving between 0°~

180°is optional )

Magnifications of Main Microscope 4×~24×(F41.5mm~F7.5mm)

(diameter of field of view)

Focus of Big Objective Lens f=200(f=175/250/300 is optional)

Maximal Resolution 119LP/mm

Field of View 2mm~18mm

Working Distance 190mm

Illumination Source

15V/150W,Medical Cold-reflection

Halogen Bulb

Illumination Type 6°+0° Coaxial Illumination

Coaxial Illumination ≥50,000lx

Filters Orange filter(cobalt filter is optional)

Reaching Range of Arm 1020mm

Adjustable Vertical Range ±250mm

Fine Focus Range and Speed 30mm,≤2mm/s

Speed for X-Y and Range 50mm×50mm,≤2mm/s


AC220V±10% / 50Hz±1Hz、AC110V

±10% / 60Hz±1Hz

Power 200VA


T4.0AL 250V (51S-040H)、T8.0AL 125V


Electrical Safety Standard

Executive Standard:GB9706.1-2007、

Class I



There are yet no reviews for this product.


There are yet no reviews for this product.